Written by: Brian Lamont

As Nicki Minaj was speaking of her #MegatronChallenge on Instagram Live, fans caught
Megan the Stallion in the comments. As we all know, Nicki isn’t computer friendly as most of our time, so it took fans to teach her a quick Instagram Live 101 to later add Megan to her Live.

It was such a humbling 5-10 minutes as both artists connected. Megan was definitely in awe as
she was speaking to her idol in rap. She proceeded to rap lyrics to Nicki’s 2009 single with
Gucci Mane “Slumber Party” and you can see how Nicki was smiling ear to ear.
Check out the interaction here


Honestly, Nicki was definitely feeling the vibe and this showed a soft side to her that people try
don’t show of her. Do you sense a feature or collaboration approaching soon?