Written by: Nikai Rolle

ATTENTION Barbs and Kens of the World:

Nicki Minaj set social media on fire this week not only with the release of her latest hit “Megatron” but also with the #MegatronChallenge. The Queen has seen so much love off of her new single that she has invited rappers and dancers alike to showcase their talents in a challenge that ends in big money and a record deal. Like any challenge, there are rules. If you are a rapper, you have to submit as a solo artist and tag the Nicki Minaj and #Megatron. If you are a dancer, you are welcome to submit as a group. Whether you are a Barb or Ken, you have to dance or rap on beat!

No Challenge is complete without prizes! Let’s get to it:

1st place receives $10k + visit Nick and signs with her label (rappers only)

2nd place receives $5k

3rd place receives $1k

Now that you have the info and the rules, do you have what it takes to impress Nicki?

You have until July 27th to show off.