Posted over ten hours ago, currently at the top of the Nicki Minaj Twitter page, apart from a pinned tweet, is a tweet instructing “the last one” to “dm [their] info”.

Nicki Minaj


She consented to pay an estimated total of over $29,000 in tuition fees, books for school, meals, and student loan debt to her fans over the next several tweets.

Minaj enthusiasts tweeted her their proof of need and she responded indeed. Nicki Minaj devotees tweeted photos of everything from college transcripts to student status records and bills from Sallie Mae. She responded with more questions of what some needed. However, Minaj also selected a considerable number of her followers’ dreams to support by helping them to pay off some of their expenses.

Nicki Minaj Agrees To Pay For Student To Attend School via

Additionally, she also tweeted a “#RegretInYourTears challenge”  a few hours before these charitable agreements to help her following reach their goals. In the Regret In Your Tears challenge, Minaj suggests that her fans be “creative”. They are further directed to create a video with the Musically app and send it to her for submission into the contest. Furthermore, Musically, a free video social app, can be found in the iTunes store and Google Play.

The fans chosen as winners in the #RegretInYourTears challenge will be on their way to Las Vegas. Challenge winners will then either hang with Nicki at the Bill Board Music Awards for a “#NickiBBMAs” experience or share an exclusive studio session with the celebrity. In this exclusive studio session- Minaj also states on Twitter- that she will share “unreleased music”.

The Bill Board Music Awards will take place at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017.

Social media is still reacting to Nicki Minaj’s philanthropic verbal concurrence.

Fans React To Nicki Minaj Agreeing To Help With College Expenses via

Nicki Minaj

Fans React To Nicki Minaj Agreeing To Help With College Expenses via

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