Nicki Minaj released the video for her song “No Frauds” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne; the same song that consisted of her response to rapper Remy Ma’s diss track “Shether.” So while the video took place in London and featured clips of the Westminster Bridge, it was said that a few clips would be cut in recognition of an attack that took place in March near the Houses Of Parliament where five people died as a result; a location close to the Westminster Bridge.

As the people of London are still recovering from the attack and are not fond of the video being shot there.  A source from Nicki’s camp says “When everybody involved in the project heard the news they were devastated and thought it would be in bad taste to feature it. The other London scenes will remain, but it’s highly doubtful the bridge footage will make the cut.”

Despite the statement, the scene was still in the final cut. The London fans are not too happy about this and rightfully so, it is very touchy to include such a reminder in the video as it is still somewhat fresh.