Written By: JaJa Nelson

Is This Goodbye or See You Later?

This afternoon, Nicki Minaj tweeted that she would be retiring from music. 

There has been a numerous amount of buzz on social media from fans in regards to her shocking announcement. The various reactions range from sadness to good wishes.  DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia, seems to be the only celebrity, thus far, to speak out about her announcement. He believes she will just be taking a hiatus. His response is a fair assumption, because this isn’t the first influential person in the entertainment industry to announce retirement, and then later return. 


Throughout Nicki’s career, she has hinted at settling down one day and having a family. However, the phrase “I know you guys are happy now,” may have people thinking that she has given into the often rumored ‘bullying’ of female rappers in the industry. 

The Rise Of Female Rappers

Over the years, with the rise in numbers of female rappers in the industry, there has been controversy. It has been repeatedly stated that the standards and expectations of a female rapper’s success are continuously picked and pulled apart.  Nicki had her fair share of moments where she was placed in the limelight and has taken the brunt of the blows. She has had her fair share of beefs with others in the industry but managed to maintain her sanity still. Nicki has been defending herself and her career not only in her recent interviews, but also several others during the longevity of her career.


She has received ridicule from the public in regards to things she has said on her radio show, Queen Radio, and also about her recent album Queen. People have said that she has ‘fallen off’ because she has not been sweeping the charts as consistently as she once did. Arguably, they feel its due to the number of many other female emcees there are to choose from.  

The Nicki Minaj Effect

We would not be doing hip hop justice if we did not take into account what Nicki Minaj’s career has given to us the past 11 years. She has an incredibly long list of achievements and groundbreaking historical moments. It goes without saying, regardless if you like her or not, you HAVE to respect her. She carried female rap on her back alone for most of her career. 


So, is this a farewell to another remarkable hip hop career? It’s a bittersweet moment because we should all take heed to the fact that she has conquered a tremendous amount of things in the last decade. Now, we should wish her well so she can conquer the family life as she declared…maybe.

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