With the breaking news today of Soulja Boy being brought up on gun felony charges, the rapper may face up to four years in jail time, if convicted.  After his arrest back in December where cops found weapons in his home while on probation, he might not get a chance to fight Chris Brown in the proposed boxing match, after all.

Rap critics, I’m sure have had a lot to say about the most recent events concerning Soulja Boy and his latest antics; publicly feuding with this person & that person, and now a serious gun charge. Since making it to mainstream radio, although a gang of success has followed from all his business ventures, a suit of drama and controversies has trailed not too far behind him as well.  First, having issues with rapper Ice T in 2008 after the OG insulted his music, accusing the innovator of “killing hip hop”, a fiery Soulja snapped back, and was even supported by none other than Kanye West in that fight.  After Ice T, there was hip hop recording artist Charles Hamilton who commented on Soulja Boy making it more difficult for new artists to get signed; the two went at it with diss tracks that would later amount to nothing for Hamilton.  Then in 2009, Soulja and Bow Wow had issues, which they later cleaned up without the help of the hip hop elders, and a few years later (2016) released joint mixtape titled ‘Ignorant Shit‘.  Soulja Boy even came under fire with the United States Armed Forces over some of his lyrics from his “Let’s Be Real” single in 2011 where he recited, “Fuck the FBI and fuck all the army troops / Fighting for what? Bitch, be your own man / I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.”  This coming off of the heels of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we will just call it a case of bad timing for the rapper who from what viewers who watched him on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood could see, bad timing is usually always the case for this guy; or is it not?

These discussions calling for Soulja to just hush up are totally warranted; however, we forget who this guy is, or who he has been for the culture since his introduction.  After making headlines in 2007 with his first independent single “Crank That“, topping Billboard 100 charts, Soulja was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Song, but however suffered a understandable loss to Kanye West & T Pain’s “Good Life“.  The rapper would later be considered the driver of a new hip hop trend.  After revolutionizing the way artists/labels now promote and brand their music through the use of social media, it was Soulja Boys digital marketing in the beginning of his career that set him off; setting off a generation of new rappers and non-rappers alike.  All the more reason to be a little bit more gracious; if not for him, there wouldn’t be much to talk about today, as far as emerging artists are concerned.

He was the first to distribute a single that sold over three-million digital copies, breaking ground in becoming the first viral rapper, how can you hate this guy?  I mean, I get how you can be a little annoyed with him, but definitely can’t hate him.  He made a way for himself like no one else could in his time, therefore making a way for all of us.  Not to mention, he was one of those special people to receive the Guwop co-signage (Gucci Mane).  Folks like Chance the Rapper who’s streaming-only album just recently made history last week becoming Grammy worthy, should really thank somebody like a Soulja Boy, actually.  And for all you out there who don’t want to say it, you have to give him his credit for paving the way for the culture.

If Soulja has to suffer a potential blow to the face from a Chris Brown who we believe is still in training right now, then somebody like let’s say a Kim Kardashian, the person responsible for the ‘selfy‘ and the up in self-praising, needs a public knockout one-time real quick, as well.

My bad, I forgot, she already did.  Paris.