Loudy Luna went in on this one. She’s a dope producer from Dayton, Ohio. This loops sounds creep and dark with some space age pimping. One thing for sure this beat got done justice. Introducing southside of Atlanta hottest rising artist NoGum Hundo. His NoGum collective has been around for a while. Doing shows all around the city and just creating a presence. Coming mob deep to shows is a good way to gain attention. It’s been a long road for Hundo and I’ve seen the development. He’s been on the blog scene for a while. The music is getting better and better and he’s dropping more visuals. NoGum Hundo is on to something and I feel this is his come up year. 2019 him and his gang NoGum may just get the respect they deserve. Mcdonough, Clayton, and Henry county are hip to the movement and music.

But back to this classic called “Snuckdafyein”. He said homie was wearing a muscle shirt and they turned it to ketchup. Again the record is produced by Loudy Luna and she merked the production. Hundo is bringing back crunk music in a new way. Every record I hear from him it’s always a chant. Gives me that Lil Jon on the hook days. Where the chant and repeat of the same word with aggressive would start fights. NoGum Hundo really needs a record with Waka Flocka and I feel this one is it. This could be a club smash with the right DJ behind it. Understand this isn’t an overnight situation for Hundo. With more blogs picking up on his music. And different soundcloud accounts uploading his records. The support is looking organic and spreading out to LA and New York. By 2019 record labels will be contacting NoGum Hundo. Take me words for it.