With artists such as DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas breaking out of North Carolina, the road is paved for many others to emerge out of the state. One artist who catches our eye is by the name of Garcia Vega. A talented up and coming artist who has been making some noise as of late after another interview of his crossed our path. Garcia Vega is not putting up the juicy numbers like a Lil Pump or Lil Xan quite yet but give him time. Garcia Vega has a variety of sound in his arsenal, a unique and bold voice that stands across a record that brings his bars to life.

Garcia Vega plans to flood 2019 with new music and ventures. With that said, we wanted to take some time out and highlight 5 records you must check out from the North Carolina artist.

“Look At God” –

“Dat Work” –

“Kitchen Table” –

“WTF Go!” –

“Da Real Me” –

You can catch Vega on all social media at @GarciaVegaTheOG