After Brooklyn landlord Samuel Berkowitz threatened to remove the famous Notorious B.I.G. mural on Bedford and Quincy, it seems like he has had a change of heart. The mural will stand and a huge thanks goes out to the people of Brooklyn and all of the landlords in the Bedford and Quincy area for acknowledging the importance of the mural.

Two years ago, the famous mural was put up and Berkowitz wasn’t a fan. According to him, he got tired of people gathering up to pay homage to the late rapper and as time began to progress, the mural’s popularity grew. Soon after Berkowitz agreed to have the mural taken down, Brooklyn native Nia Raquelle started a petition to keep it up the mural where she and many others felt it belonged. The petition gained over 3,500 signatures.

Spread Art NYC was the first to report the mural was in trouble and that ultimately forced others like T.I. and the NBA team the Brooklyn Nets to engage in helping keep the famous piece of artwork on the wall.

“Special thanks to all the fans worldwide, to the local organizations, to the community members, and to all who have offered their resources to keep the mural at #bedfordandquincy,” read the caption on Spread Art NYC’s Instagram post. This is a piece of Notorious B.I.G. history and as a fellow New Yorker who is a huge fan of Biggie, I’m glad to see the mural is staying for good!

Check out Spread Arts NYC full Instagram post below.