In the basketball world, Isaiah Washington is one of the premier point guards to come out of New York this year. The 6-foot-1 point guard was ranked 66th in the nation and 5th in New York, according to ESPN. Now an incoming freshman at the University of Minnesota, his skill is being noticed worldwide.

Washington is the leader of the Jellyfam, a crew that is filled with some of the best high school prospects in New York and New Jersey. His patented “Jelly” layup has taken social media by storm, sparking inspiration and innovation on the court.

Vice Sports shined the spotlight on Washington in their latest feature earlier this week.

Washington talks about electing to stay in New York for high school, being considered the newest young NYC legend, and whether his “Jelly” layups are ruining the game.

Nowadays, point guards from New York aren’t making as much noise as they did in previous years. The playground game is seemingly in the same boat. Washington is definitely a breath of fresh air for not only NYC hoops, but basketball as a whole. Peep the feature below.