For the last few weeks people have been pondering on this new “4:44” advertisement that has been plastered all over parts of NYC. At first it was reported that this could be related to Jay Z’s new album. Then, some clips surfaced on TIDAL that implied that this advertisement was related to a new movie starring Marhershala Ali and Danny Glover. But now, the beans have officially been spilt thanks to Sprint.

4:44 is indeed the name of Hov’s new album which is set to drop on June 30. The promo snippet which features Marhershala Ali and Danny Glover is now being used as a snippet for the new album. Sprint aired the news on their Sprint x TIDAL website and on the site it says “Get exclusive access to Jay Z’s new album.” Check out the photo below. Also, check out the “ADNIS” promo snippet.

Sprint and TIDAL closed a deal earlier this year that will give Sprint users a free 6 month trial along with a few other perks. This will allow Sprint users to use TIDAL but most importantly to listen to Hov’s new album. This man is definitely changing the way people listen to music. He proved that with his last album, Magna Carta Holy Grail and now with this new release.

Are you sprint customer? Do you already have a TIDAL account? If not, we suggest you make a move sooner than later because we can assure you that 4:44 is going to be nothing short of great.