The School of Canton Ballet will host Hip Hop dance classes starting in November.

First, Ohio has been the hometown to some of the biggest names in Hip Hop. Ohio-born Artists such as Bone, Thugs, & Harmony, Kid Cudi, and Bow Wow, have all made their mark in the Music Industry. Now, The School of Canton Ballet promises to honor the Hip Hop culture with their new Hip Hop dance classes. According to Record Courier, these Hip Hop classes start on November 9th. The fees range depending on whether someone is a new or seasoned member of The Canton Ballet company. However, dance students aged 8 to 18 years old can expect to learn “the dance, style and attitude of hip hop dancing”. Further, The School of Canton Ballet aims “to instill in its students and pre-professional dancers an appreciation of the joy and satisfaction of a challenging job well done through age-appropriate training for toddlers through adults. The drive, determination, and discipline remains throughout the students’ lives regardless of their chosen fields”. That is, according to its official website.

Ultimately, The School of Canton Ballet is not only a place to study dance, and now Hip Hop dance, but a place of outreach & personal development. Ohio- take full advantage.