South Jersey’s OnlyJahmez is here to take the game by storm in 2019. With a “F**k Rules” mentality, the artist provides a youthful, versatile and energetic vibe to the music scene. OnlyJahmez has been making a name for himself in New Jersey over the past few years, garnering a wide audience on social media from his music. The young artist looks to elevate his sound and emerge up out of the Garden State with his most recent single “Fvck Rules”, a single growing daily and garnering major attention. OnlyJahmez hard work and dedication is on display, the artist continues to press the “normalcies” of the music industry, creating a lane for himself while providing different and outlandish videos to his musical catalog. The Water Music/Sloppy Vinyl artist is one to check out, we got the time to sit down with OnlyJahmez and discuss his life and music a bit more below.

You’ve been popping up in the NJ scene more and more, what’s the plans in 2019?

There is no one like me in Jersey; I am the most creative and hardest working artist here. I’m focused on longevity, and my career has just begun, so stay tuned in 2019 –I’m about to drop the heat all summer long. At Sloppy, we’re a family and our plans for this year can’t even be put into words.

You just dropped a quality 7 minute visual, what was the vision and idea behind that?

FUN. I’m all about having a good time and just having the freedom to express myself. Emotions are the best high to me, so I want my fans and the rest of the world to feel as high as I was when I made the music and shot the visuals.

Where in New Jersey are you from?

I’m from Clayton, but more importantly known as Clayraq. It’s one of the safest places you can walk through in New Jersey. Everyone pretends to be “hood” or “hard”, but I’m bringing that town a new face –a new culture. At first, people didn’t get me, but now every time I step through there, I see my fans everywhere and they love me.

North or South Jersey?

South Jersey, but honestly fuck all this segregation. I’m from Jersey!

Where did the name come from?

My name has three parts. ONLY is what it sounds like –at the end of each day, you only have yourself, so that’s what I like to remember. Jah is meant to shed light on my God like creativity and spirituality. Mez has a lot to do with my nomadic ways. I move around a lot you know.

New Jersey has a lot of different sounds coming from the state, where do you fit in? How would you describe your sound?

I’ve created my own lane. I have uncovered the true jersey sound and very soon everyone is going to start copying it.

It seems as though ‘Fvck Rules’ is catching on as its clearly growing daily. Is ‘Fvck Rules’ something you are solely running with right now or can we expect more OnlyJahmez?

Fuck Rules is a movement, and I’m just dropping shit now, so yea, expect a lot more from OnlyJahmez. It’s time to change the trends, and I’m gonna bring innovation to the industry.

What is your overall message as an artist and with your music?

Fuck Rules. Power shouldn’t exist if it can’t justify itself. Do what you want and have fun doing it. Earth is your sandbox to play in.

Word is that you are heading out on a college tour? Fill us in!

I’ve been performing everywhere on the east coast and it’s been magical. Pancake parties, paper snowball fights, and tons of good food. It’s been fun living a college lifestyle without having the responsibilities of schoolwork.

Any musical influences growing up?

I listened to everything. I’m just a musical sponge, to be honest.

One artist, you could work with, who would it be?

I really want to work with Chief Keef. I have so much respect for his come up, man– he’s a legend.

Your social media, particularly your Instagram seems to be booming, does having a strong social media reach help you in your field?

Yes, it makes it easier to attract females and get free shit from sponsors. That’s all music in a way, isn’t it?

How is it like working with some powerful and knowledgable industry individuals within Water Music/Sloppy Vinyl?

It made me who I am today. I’m extremely thankful and blessed to be able to work with my team. Honestly, if it weren’t for their knowledge, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

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