Last month, TheRapFest introduced its new monthly editorial series ,#OnTheLookOut, which showcases rising artist in the Hip Hop industry. The Hip Hop industry has seen many dope and talented artists since its inception. The beauty of the genre is that due to those talented artists, even more talented artists and inspiring musicians are born throughout the years. In route of achieving stardom, each artist walks a different path towards the limelight, but what remains constant throughout the journey is the hard work and dedication put into their crafts.

This month, several artists on the come up has caught TheRapFest’s attention with their drive behind the music. #OnTheLookOut serves as a list of TheRapFest picks of artist to watch. Here is a list of artists to be #OnTheLookOut for. Feel free to comment below.





Soaring in the midst of his own creativity Image result for everythingoshaunand success is EverythingOShauN; a rising artist out of Brampton, his Canadian hometown.  With his Nigerian and Jamaican roots being the foundation of his artistry, EverythingOShauN delivers a pure sense of versatility while still remaining authentically unmatched. Crafting the sound of his projects is EverythingOShauN’s go-to producer, Xpress aka DJXP.

In early 2016, EverythingOShauN dropped his debut EP, Until Now. The ten-track project garnered over 42K plays on SoundCloud. Along with blessing the ears of his growing fan base, EverythingOShauN has been blessing stages across North America. The Canadian artist has performed at Toronto’s Manifesto and Afrofest festivals, Atlanta’s A3C festival, Austin’s SXSW, and Canadian Music Week.

In August, EverythingOShauN released his newest EP, Almost Everything. The six-track project is produced entirely by Xpress aka DJXP. To set the distinction between each track, EverythingOShauN included a cover art and video clip for each song.

EverythingOShauN definitely has the potential to reach higher heights and has proven to be an artist to watch out for.

Listen to EverythingOShauN’s, Almost Everything below



Texaco J


Walking by faith towards a career he is passionate about is something that Texaco J has been doing for sometime. The multi-talented rapper took a chance on himself and moved from Houston to Los Angeles to build his career, stage by stage. Image result for texaco j

Growing up, artists such as Nas, Outkast, and A Tribe Called quest helped ignite Texaco’s love for music. From recording songs after school with his friends as a hobby to giving it everything he’s got  in a new environment on the west coast, Texaco is on a self-taught  journey that will soon lead him towards the top.

Working with his talented go-to producer Leekix from Pro Era , Texaco has been able to dish out ear worthy music which makes him an artist to watch out for. Recently, Texaco J offered us Blue Moon Night$, a ten-track project that will lead you on a nostalgic and feel good trance.  His story telling ability though rhyme allows his growing fan base to feel connected to him.

Listen to Texaco J’s , Blue Moon Night$ below


Rob Hicks


Attracting all eyes and ears to a place that’s not often thought about when referencing Hip Hop, is the rising Wisconsin rapper, Rob Hicks. His unique deliverance and lyrical abilities has made him an artist to watch out for. Hick’s love for Image result for rob hicks rappersmusic stems from his father, a DJ who would play a variety of music at local house parties. Artists such as Rick James and Lil Wayne grew to be Hick’s biggest influences.

In 2014, Hicks released his debut mixtape, LXSTSXULS, which led him to inking a deal with the independent label, Thrift Soul, in 2015. Since then, he has made a tremendous amount of growth, musically and personally.

Earlier this month, Hicks released his highly anticipated EP, Paradise In Hell. The eight-track project takes you on a journey from start to finish.  It also features several collaborations with Trapo, Olita, Ted Park and BoodahDARR. Thus far, Paradise In Hell has garnered over 55K plays on SoundCloud. That in itself speaks to the audience he is connecting with.

Listen to Rob Hicks newest EP, Paradise In Hell



Black Mike Da Don


Hailing from Brooklyn, NY is Black Mike Da Don, a rising rapper whose natural swag manifests in the witty lyrics he delivers in his fire-filled raps. The rapper started to lay his rap foundation as early as the 4th grade when he wrote a rap and performed it in front of his friends. Black Image result for black mike da don

Black Mike Da Don’s recent project, Take One, has been creating a lot of buzz. With the release of the project on platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, and SoundCloud, Mike has gained a lot of traction. Along with the release of his project, Mike has debuted two new visuals, Lifestyle and City, which collectively has more than 11K views on YouTube. Black Mike Da Don has proven to be someone to watch out for.

Listen to Black Mike Da Don’s EP ,Take One,  below