James Scott


The talented singer, James Scott, is entering this industry with creative style, creative drive, and a creative mindset that’ll help him climb the ladder of success. The Bronx native began his music career as a background singer and songwriter for, Yala, a local NYC producer.  James fell in love with music through the art of poems. Expressing his thoughts through words, he soon began to use his vocals as a new expressive vehicle. The singer’s musical influences stem from the likes of kid Cudi, Kanye west and Michael Jackson.

Working on his forthcoming project, BOYs HURT too, James is giving his fans a taste of what’s to come with his first single release, With You. Released today, With You talks about the healing process after a heartbreak. Continuing his journey within the music industry, James Scott has proven that he is a star on the rise.


Listen To James Scott’s With You below

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