Embarking on our fourth month with the #OnTheLookOut series, TheRapFest is finding more talented artists on the rise to introduce to TheRapFest fans. In route of achieving stardom, each artist walks a different path towards the limelight, but what remains constant throughout the journey is the hard work and dedication put into their crafts.

Several artists on the come up has caught TheRapFest’s attention with their drive behind the music. #OnTheLookOut serves as a list of TheRapfest picks of artist to watch. Here is a list of artists to be #OnTheLookOut for. Feel free to leave your thoughts.




Dub Aura


Made from the concrete hustle of his Harlem home, Dub Aura’s resilience and determination to strive to the top is a force to be reckoned with. Aura’s musical abilities stems from the likes of his father; a talented DJ who played at local neighborhood parties . Influenced by his musical surrounding’s , Aura picked up the pen at the age of eight and wrote his first rap. Falling in love with artistic elements of the genre, Aura saw rap as a safe space to express his inner thoughts:

“… I got a kick out of saying things in a way that
people weren’t or wouldn’t immediately get. I fell in love with art of
creating – The art of having this blank canvas and being able to say
or do what I want. I don’t have to stay inside any lines – I can paint
my picture the way I want it.”

Honing in on his talent , Aura began taking rap seriously at 14. Discovering who he was musically was a journey he was willing to take. Aura’s musical growth is evident in his lyrical abilities .His notable freestyles such as Soul of Kennedy ,Walk On water, Hunnit Years, and No Hook garnered over 40k plays on SounCloud. Aura’s inspirations for his songs stems from life itself. Wanting to be better and do better motivates him to push himself towards success. Despite the challenges Aura may have faced thus far on his musical journey, his optimistic view on his budding career keeps him motivated to continue to bless the ears of his fans.


As Aura continues to grow into his artistry, his work ethic continues to speak for itself. Recently, showing off his impressive lyrical stamina,  Aura released his I’m Ready freestyle. The lyrical attack serves as evidence that Dub Aura is an artist to watch out for, so be #OntheLookOut.


Listen to Dub Aura’s I’m Ready freestyle below

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