The Hip-Hop industry has seen many dope and talented artists since its inception. The beauty of the genre is that due to those talented artists, even more talented artists and inspiring musicians are born throughout the years. In route of achieving stardom, each artist walks a different path towards the limelight, but what remains constant throughout the journey is the hard work and dedication put into their crafts.Several artists on the come up has caught TheRapFest’s attention with their drive behind the music. #OnTheLookOut serves as a list of TheRapfest picks of artist to watch. Here is a list of artists to be #OnTheLookOut for. Feel free to comment below.




Beano French

Delivering the sultry sounds of R&B  with his vocals , the West Philadelphia native is definitely one to watch out for. Beano French’s extraordinary talent stems from his parents, who are both musicians. French got his first taste of the performance life when he joined his local church choir at Holy Cross Baptist Church.  Little did he know at the time , French was building his musical confidence for his future music career. Some of French’s musical influences are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Mario, Jill Scott, and The Roots.

Recently, French released his eight-track project  Just Beano. Each track is loaded with irresistible vibes that is soothing to the ear. The leading single Monday Morning serves as a breath of fresh air for the R&B genre :

“When people listen to my music, I want them to get a look into who I am and what my life is like. Honestly, just getting to know ‘Just Beano’ and what my version of  Philly sounds like..”



Listen Beano French’s Monday Morning below



Layla Hendryx 

The rising Canadian artist is destined to leave her creative mark in the music industry. Layla Hendryx is an artist stepping into her own light despite the traditional pathways her Somalian community wants her to follow.  Growing up in Toronto, Hendryx’s musical identity was shaped by her heritage and the place she calls home, Toronto.

In 2015, Hendryx released Channel ‘6, an EP that showcased her true sound as an artist. The EP opened up doors for her to be featured on essential music publications such as The Fader, MTV News and Noisey music. In 2016, Hendryx dropped her Out Of Time EP. The EP tapped into Hendryx’s sultry R&B sound, showcasing her versatility and song writing capabilities. Hendryx’s recent project Pree Paid shows Hendryx growth as an artist from her first EP.

Listen to Layla Hendryx’s Scotty below



J French

Hailing from Oklahoma City, the multi-talented instrumentalist and producer, J French , proves that he is definitely one to watch out for. With J French’s  father , Brother Num, being a two-time Grammy award winning musician, J French proves that he is nothing short of musical talent. J French fell in love with music through the sounds of gospel;

” I Fell in love with music through my exposure to gospel music, which was the first time a song made me cry tears of joy when I was young.”

J french’s musical influences stems from great instrumentalists and great rappers such as Black Thought. In 2016, J French released his debut album, Jaguar Jesus. A year later , J French released his single, Different Ain’t Different.

Last month J French released his sophomore album OGB (Only Gets Better). The album features Kurt Dog and Zilla and three guest producers  Lucky 7Mike Payton, and Lambo.

Listen to J French’s Drive below




Rising out of South Jersey, OnlyJahmez continues to make a statement through his music. Jahmez inspirations stems from, God, his family, Eazy E, and all his haters.

Honing in on his musical craft, Jahmez first performance was at Rutgers University’s Verbal Mayhem. In 2017, OnlyJahmez released , Tarzan. The song delivers an uplifting and empowering message. It has also garnered over 40k plays on SoundCloud. Towards the end of 2017, Jahmez released more singles such as Pop Rox and Too3 to end the year off right.

Earlier this year, Jahmez released One Way, produced by Branford Beats. When people listen to his music, Jahmez wants people to vibe with it;

“I️ just want people to feel like they just got out of a pool of the purest juice and they just can’t get it out of there ears.”

Listen to OnlyJahmez’s Pop Rox below




Jay Sek

With Jay Sek’s  ultimate goal of wanting to bring people together with his music, the rising artist  keeps that goal in mind as he embraces his musical journey .  Sek’s musical influences stems from the likes of J. Cole, Trippie Redd, and Lil Uzi Vert. The motivation for Sek’s music derives from his personal experiences:

“My motivation for making music started when I became distraught from a relationship that ended prematurely. A lot of people have a hard time controlling their feelings of anger and resentment. Instead of directly fighting, I just wrote how I felt on paper…”


Sek’s top single This Is How We Do It has over 40k plays. Later this year, Sek is planning to release his mixtape, Best Regards.

Listen to Jay Sek’s This Is How We Do It below



Mike Lo

Fresh off of the release of his newest single, Money Grab, Mike Lo is strengthening his grip on the rap industry each step of the way along his musical journey. Growing up and listening to the gritty sounds of New York Hip-Hop and the sweet rhythmic sounds of Puerto Rico, Mike Lo’s  diverse influences are evident in his music

Mike Lo’s musical journey started at an early age. Since his start, he has been determined to fly high and reach higher heights in the Hip-Hop industry. But since his takeoff on his musical journey, Mike has experienced some turbulence on the way. Having lost his father to suicide , Mike channeled his pain and utilized it to fuel his ambition for music.

Mike Lo recenty relsased his debut album, You Made Me. The inspiration for this album stems from his father:

“My inspiration for the ‘You Made Me’ album is and forever will be my father’s impact on my life and his passing. He was one of the strongest people I know…”

Listen to Mike Lo’s Money Grab below