The Hip Hop industry has seen many dope and talented artists since its inception. The beauty of the genre is that due to those talented artists, even more talented artists and inspiring musicians are born throughout the years. In route of achieving stardom, each artist walks a different path towards the limelight, but what remains constant throughout the journey is the hard work and dedication put into their crafts.

Several artists on the come up has caught TheRapFest’s attention with their drive behind the music. #OnTheLookOut serves as a list of TheRapfest picks of artist to watch. Here is a list of artists to be #OnTheLookOut for. Feel free to comment below.

Lihtz Kamaraz


7 years in on his musical journey, the Philadelphia native has showed us why he’s one to watch out for. Through his lyrical chops, Lihtz Kamaraz has accumulated local buzz in his community which kick started a few of the rapper’s major moves recently

Lihtz has been featured on Ebro’s “Discovered on Apple Music” segment and HipHopSince 1987. The rapper has also been seen on Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning Show, showing off is lyrical abilities. Alongside his music career, the rapper has even made an appearance on the popular TV series, Empire. In December Lihtz offered us his 15-track project , The Switch Up, which includes production from Beat Bully, Maaly Raw, Infamous Rell, and more.

Climbing uphill, Lihtz Kamraz was featured on Meek Mill’s recent project, Wins and Losses, which dropped July 21st. Traveling his way through the journey of success, Lihtz Kamraz proves to be a promising artist on his way to the top.




Proudly wearing Jersey on her back, pineappleCITI is giving the Hip Hop world something to talk about. Her single, Rose Colored has everyone talking and inquiring about her unmatched artistry. The 24-year old has been infatuated with music since an early age. Her lyrical delivery stems from her passion for Hip Hop and her musical influences such as Drake, Lauryn Hill, and J Cole. CITI has been featured on Hot 97, The Fader, and DJ Enuff’s website. Evidence towards her buzzing fame, CITI’s followers participated in the #RoseColoredChallenge on social media which helped leverage pineappleCITI’s music to Hip Hop fans all over.

Alongside her career, CITI has been pushing through life’s obstacles. The rapper has recently reclaimed her strength from an unfortunate car accident. Not letting this hold her back, CITI is staying committed to her music and her fans.

The talented rapper has also garnered over 1.4 million plays on SoundCloud. To say that she’s up next will be an understatement. It’s clear that CITI will be rocking the industry sooner than later.





Hailing from Englewood, New Jersey , the 23 year old rapper emerged on the rap scene in 2008 captivating the ears of many with his song , Englewood Girls, which accumulated over 10,000 views on YouTube.  TwonDon’s inspiration for the Hip Hop industry started with his mother; a management and promotion’s guru in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, working with a plethora of Hip Hop legends such as Keith Murray, Def Squad, Sugar Hill Gang, Redman and Method Man.

Creating his own lane for success, TwonDon started his own label, UpperClass Entertainment. Opening up for popular artists including French Montana and Meek Mill, TwonDon has also worked with artist such as Smoke DZA, Bizzy Crook, Grande Marshall, and Pro Era’s Dessy Hinds.

Last month, TwonDon released his visual for “Jennifer’s Song”, a track off of his EP, Paradise Isn’t Free. Thus far, the EP has received over 25,000 plays.  TwonDon is building a lane of his own and is diligently fitting his unparalleled artistry in the world of Hip Hop.

Kadeem King


Straight out of Harlem, the east side to be exact, Kadeem King has a lot to offer to the ever-changing world of Hip Hop. His incomparable supreme-flow keeps him grounded on his journey towards success. The Harlem native has been writing music since the age of 13 and producing beats since his college basketball days at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

In 2009, Kadeem created a collective that reflects what he stands for, The Republic, “To be original and rebel against the ordinary”. Kadeem King has graced the stage at some of New York’s most popular and historic venues including S.O.B’s. Webster Hall, and the Highline Ballroom. A testimony to his work ethic and hunger for the music, Kadeem has released numerous singles and videos for his devoted fans. Some of his latest work includes his recent project, Leadah, and his brand-new single, Don’t Stop, featuring Mike Classic & Kris Kasanova. Sharing his musical gift, the Harlem emcee is working on becoming one of the most prominent rappers out of NYC.


Threat Digga


Building his career stage by stage, the New Jersey breed has proved that the lyrical melodies he professes into the mic derives from a musical passion that has been in existence in over 13 years. Walking in the light of his stage name, Threat Digga, the 23 year old grew to love the art of the music industry when he would travel the tri-state area with his DJ-step dad; “I still remember carrying those big crates full of records into all those buildings, he taught me this industry comes with a lot of hard work and  I understood that young”. At 16, Threat embarked upon his Hip Hop career journey, releasing his first mixtape on Garnering enough exposure from his mixtape, Threat performed as an opening act for the New Boyz’s live nation show.

Thus Far, Threat has graced the stage at multiple big music festivals such as SXSW in Austin, Texas, and A3C in Atlanta, Georgia. As Threat continues to make a name for himself by captivating his audience, he is taking major steps in his career. Recently, he was added to the REC Philly Roster, a collective that showcases the artistry of underground artists. On July 28th, Threat released his newest project for the summer , The Dungeon, a 8 track ode to his childhood home.

Miah Travis 


Off of the broad lands of Chesapeake, VA emerges 19 year old Miah Travis, a rapper who is ready to take the industry by storm.  His inspiration for rapping comes from the likes of Chaz French,  Kendrick Lamar, Anderson.Paak, Lupe Fiasco, and Chance The Rapper. Miah uses his inspirations to rap about the unequal norms for black people in society and the consequences of emotional damage.

Remaining fluid in his artistry, Miah uses art to portray everyday life struggles. Just like in his newest visual for Mona Lisa , Miah uses an open canvas to convey his message.

Coming up, the artist is planning to drop is next project, Loose Ends in the near future. But until then, Miah continues to work and to perfect his craft.


Keeping you in the know, all in all, these artists are showcasing their talents while on the road to success. Their dedication and hard work for their music coincides with each lyric, each stage, and each fan they encounter. To learn more about these artists listed above, make sure to check out their social media for music and new updates.