Vino World

This Harlemite is trailblazing the music industry as he builds his rap empire. Best known as Vino World, his unique spice and melodic flow that he brings to the table speaks to who he is. Vino garnered attention with his music from his raw Down Ass B**** freestyle. He then did it again with his 2017 single, Honest feat Danny Dei. The track received numerous plays on Soundcloud. With his dream to pursue music, he still took the conventional route and earned a degree in Mass Communications from Delaware State University.

Along with his music, Vino releases top notch visuals to bring his music to life. Vino, along with his go to director , BenjiFilmz, has created some captivating visuals for songs such as Ambition, H20, and his recent Tron On. Tron On serves as a cover for Drake’s Nice For What. With Vino World’s talent, authenticity, and ambition, he is destined for stardom in no time.

Watch Vino World’s Tron On below

Mobi Mawla

Emerging 21 year old artist, Mobi Mawla, is one of the many talented artists coming out of Toronto.  His spark for the music game kicked in at 13 years old and since then, Mawla has been unstoppable. Mawla’s musical influences stems from the likes of Drake ad J.Cole. Mawla has performed at various places in his hometown including AfroFest and the UNITY Festival. As Mawla continues to grow his fanbase, he makes it clear that his grind is unmatched. As he told Canada’s very own, Good Juice Box, in a recent interview, “investing in yourself is key to anybody taking a career in music seriously.”

One thing Mawla has learned while being on his music journey is that he doesn’t ask for handouts. In his recent single, No Handouts, Mawla makes it clear that he is building his empire on his own. Produced by multi-platinum producer, FrancisGotHeat, No Handout is an anthem for any independent artist who has yet to reap the benefits of their labor but doesn’t let that stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Listen to Mobi Mawla’s No Handout below



Hailing from Atlanta,GA is A.Young, an ambitious rapper who is destined to make it in the music industry. In 2014, the rapper released DSB: Dedicated Since Birth. The 12-track project featured Davon Trev, Young Haze, Ghost Da Reallist, Dawish Khush, and Cheifin Jones.  A.Young then followed up with his next project , Higher Learning. A.Young let his hungriness for the game shine through the 10-track project. In 2016, A.Young released El Sol y La Luna. The leading single El Sol garnered a significant amount of plays on Soundcloud.

Recently, A.Young released his single, Guidance. He labels the new single as a “love story.”  The track is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Listen to A.Young’s new single, Guidance, here.