Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown, and Ray Murray make up Organized Noize. The production and songwriting team is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Further, “The Dungeon” is deep in the basement of Wade’s home in Atlanta via Vibe. A few of the musicians that graduated from “The Dungeon” are Outkast and Future.

Additionally, The Dungeon Family released Even In Darkness on November 6, 2001. In like manner, Wade, Murray, and Brown produced on this compilation. The project boasted such tracks as “On & On & On”, “Forever Pimpin’ (Never Slippin’)”, and “What Is Rap?”. CeeLo Green and other Dungeon Family members appear on the album. Also, according to Underground Hip Hop, they even re-released the project on vinyl. The re-release commemorated the fifteenth anniversary of the initial release.

Ray Murray, Sleepy Brown, and Rico Wade are also especially known for their funk and soul. They are noted in history for having worked on classics such as “Waterfalls” by TLC as stated on Bill Board.

‘Waterfalls’ was written by my childhood friend Marqueze Ethridge. We got T-Boz to come demo the song before we even told LaFace Records about it, before we even told them we had a song for TLC. – Rico Wade via Complex

The collective posted to their Instagram five days ago that their EP has been released. Organized Noize EP was officially released on May 5th.

Organized Noize EP

Organized Noize EP via Organized Noize

In light of the EP’s release, the crew posted their single only about two days ago, May 8th. “We The Ones” is the current single from Organized Noize EP.

Organized Noize

“We The Ones”- Single from Organized Noize EP via Organized Noize

On the same token, the EP features collaborations with CeeLo, Big Boi, and other members of The Dungeon Family according to XXL.

Organized Noize EP Tracklist:
1. “Anybody Out There” Feat. Joi and Scar
2. “We the Ones” Feat. Big Boi, CeeLo Green, Sleepy Brown and Big Rube
3. “Chemtrails” Feat. Jimmy Brown and Sleepy Brown
4. “Why Can’t We” Feat. Sleepy Brown
5. “Kush” Feat. 2 Chainz and Joi
6. “Awesome Lovin” Feat. Sleepy Brown
7. “The Art of Organized Noize”

Ultimately- Organized Noize knows the magic formula and they released new music for all us music fanatics.

Anora Blazin