One of the wonderful things about Hip-Hop is that it can be transformed and adapted into any culture, language, and region around the world. Born in the late 1970’s , the- Hip-Hop influence quickly grew.  From break dancing, battle rapping, beat boxing, and DJing, each element trailed its way into the homes of Hip-Hop Lovers, and those who never knew that they could love and respect the genre so much. Traveling its way to the west side of the country, Hip-Hop planted itself on the west coast, creating a distinctive sound for the region.

Prior to west coast partaking in Hip-Hop,  there was an important musical era that helped shape the historic Hip-Hop scene on that side of the country. Electronic funk, a genre that influenced early Hip-Hop on both the west and east coasts, dominated the late 1970’s and 80’s on the west side.

The genre was known for its creation of the Roland TR 808 drum machine. Captivating the airwaves, electronic funk made its presence known everywhere; in roller skating rinks, neighborhood cookouts, and even school dances.

West coast Hip-Hop pioneers help bridge the Electronic Funk era with early Hip-Hop. These pioneers motivated the west coast Hip-Hop era, paving the way for west coast artists today. These pioneers are considered the originators of the game.

Without the past, there is no present; and without the present, there is no future.  As today’s artists’ draw from everywhere.  It is hard to even pin-point where a person is from based on the music he/she delivers, these days.  With Hip-Hop now being so blended, it’s safe to say one’s influence may come from all regions.  So giving respect where respect is due, there is a certain tone or etiquette that has evolved into what we know it to be today; without the Original Playas though, what would it even look and sound like?

Informing you on some of the iconic artists of the west coast who helped to set the mark, here is a list of the Original Playas responsible for the style and sound of Hip-Hop on that side of country, and moreover, the sound across the world.

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Uncle Jamm’s Army

The Electro Hip-Hop group emerged on the musical scene providing good times and memories through their perennial music. Prior to their big break in the music industry, Uncle Jam’s Army was known for throwing house parties and became the number one dance promoters and DJ’s on the west coast. Their popular singles, “Yes,yes,yes“, “Whats Your Sign”, and “Dial-A-Freak” served as staples of the early west coast Hip-Hop sound.

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