PaperMann is making sure he sticks to the script. He’s creating a wave for his small town of Phenix City, AL. Coming from a small town these days are not an excuse. With the internet making someone go viral each day. Anything is possible these days if you have the following. Coming from a small town is not a bad thing. You may can evolve and expand quicker than coming to a big city. A small town is more like a high school vibe. You just need to know everyone in your town. Some rappers get caught up in letting people know they rap. But it’s not about that, it’s more about just getting know the people.

PaperMann has his city behind him. The support is pouring in and everyone has been waiting for this one. Soon as you hear the record “Forever” you know it’s a dope boy anthem. The video for his record “Forever” fits the record perfect. PaperMann is in the kitchen cooking up. With money drying and the phone ringing. This is a dope boy dream on camera. He hops in the Challenger and he’s riding through his city. Forever looks like a movie in a small town. PaperMann is making sure he sticking to what he knows. Delivering records his circle can relate to. PaperMann is making sure this one stands out. So far this may be his best work so far. He just needs to stay more consistent with building his brand. His online presence could be a lot more bolder. 2019 could be a big year for PaperMann. He has a lot more music on the way and videos on the way. In the meantime show your support and show some love to PaperMann. Go go follow him on all social media outlets right now. Check out the visual below.