Parkway hails from the northern tip of Virginia, an area of the country that is sorely lacking in A-list rap talent. His imposing figure, dark shades that mystify those searching for an understanding gaze and long, strict locs similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famed adversary, help to create a unique image that transfixes his audience, long before the play button is pressed his music.

His voice is deep and ominous, with his traditional delivery being utilized to any apprehensiveness to check him out based on his appearance. His new video for “All In My Head” captures the ethereal vibe that’s transfixed his fanbase, and soon, the world when they get a hold of it. The black and white, noir-inspired visual features Parkway rapping elegantly into the camera in a hypnotizing manner that, when paired with the artistic video direction, lends to this being one of the videos of the year to beat.

Watch the video for “All In My Head” below.
Also, check out the song on Apple Music as well.