PARTYNEXTDOOR appeared on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio with Zane Lowe last Thursday, announcing the release of a new project titled Seven Days, a collection of 7 tracks from a week-long period in which he recorded a song each day. Party had been tweeting out song titles along with their respective cover arts nearly every day leading up to the interview, telling Lowe that he would drop the project once he tweeted out the 7th and final song.

Seven Days would soon arrive later that day, making it Party’s second project of this year, following up COLOURS 2, the sequel to his PNDCOLOURS EP from December 2014.

Because he emphasized the fact that Seven Days was never intended to be an EP, but rather just a collection of songs, an EP review shouldn’t apply here. So instead we’ll just assess each track for what they are.


Day 1: “Bad Intentions”

While the tracklisting of Seven Days does indeed match up with the order in which Party tweeted the song titles out, only him and his camp know whether or not he actually recorded the songs in that order. And so it’s very interesting to see the decision to begin Seven Days with “Bad Intentions”, as it is arguably the one song on the entire project that truly sounds like it was recorded in one day. While it’s not necessarily a bad song in any sense, with a beat that sounds rather unfinished and unmastered and lyrics that leave little to the imagination, the track almost reminds you of those 7 tracks he previewed during his set of Episode 7 of OVO Sound Radio back in October 2015. But then again, he’s the artist and that just may have been his vision and original concept the entire time.


Day 2: “Never Played Me”

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ability to write and create hit songs for himself and most notably, others causes his pen game as a singer-songwriter to never be questioned; but it’s his pen game as a rapper that keeps him versatile and “Never Played Me” is just another example.  Dez Wright and Cardiak team up here to provide Party with probably the most impressive production of the Seven Days, as Party experiments with different flows in three verses while rapping about how loyal his love interest was to him and how she not once tried to finesse him in any way.


Day 3: “Damage” Feat. Halsey

“She’s probably the only artist I’ve made a song with in the studio together, like successfully. Like in the sense of….we were both in the studio, we made a song, and it was finished.”

Party had been slated to appear alongside Halsey on her hopeless fountain kingdom tour, so him stating in the aforementioned Beats 1 interview that his team had plans to push the collaboration between the two of them as a single came to no surprise. “Damage” has all the makings of a radio hit, and while pop ballads aren’t what Party’s music is usually geared towards, it’s simply his aforementioned pen game that allows him to flourish in creating a song for any genre.


Day 4: “Better Man” Feat. Rick Ross

Party has forever proven to shine the brightest when appearing on laid-back production, and in doing just that on this collab with Rick Ross makes it arguably the standout track from the project.

“It seems like breaking your heart is the easiest part/And loving you right, only gets harder”

“Just give me some time so I can be a better lover”

What makes Party special is his ability to write and create verses and hooks that remain in your head forever, and you find yourself singing out of nowhere on any given day. (Go back and listen to the first PARTYNEXTDOOR tape and tell me you don’t remember every word of your favorite tracks.)

Party told Lowe of the fact that his never-ending songwriting content primarily stems from relationship issues or situations; saying:

“A lot of the songs literally happened like right after like, maybe she walked out the house and how i deal with things is, ‘Okay, walk right upstairs to the studio, and take it in one cut, and then call my homeboys and they’re like, ‘Really…you just…did that all…like you just….but she just left bro.'”

And while he stated in the Beats 1 interview that this was not a breakup project nor a love project, such themes continue to appear heavily in “Better Man” as he reflects over his own downfalls and shortcomings in the role he plays within the relationship.


Day 5: “Best Friends”

The transition from “Better Man” into “Best Friends” is one of the reasons you may question if Seven Days actually was meant to be an EP or mini-album of sorts. Party goes from wishing he had made better decisions in his relationship, to wishing he hadn’t even gotten into the relationship to begin with.

After hearing “Best Friends” it almost sounds like it could have been a record off of Hndrxx.  And while people have accused Party of biting Young Thug’s flows on tracks like “Buzzin'” and “Freak in You”, it’s important to realize how certain beats and instrumentals will always evoke certain flows and bring out a certain approach to the track overall.  So when you hear Party rapping over a beat made by Atlanta producer Cassius Jay, it really should come to no surprise that he may sound a little like a Future or Young Thug, and at the end of the day there’s nothing wrong with that.


Day 6: “The Right Way”

The last time we heard Party over a guitar of any sort was in the criminally underrated “Spiteful”, from P3. While its unknown where the guitar chords and solo you hear in “Spiteful” are from, it’s been confirmed that “The Right Way” is a collaboration between Party and Republic Records guitarist Andrew Watt, known for his songwriting and production credits from collaborations with Justin Bieber and Post Malone. With “The Right Way”, Party continues to show his versatility across genres, shining on another laid-back cut letting the raw emotions from his lyrics take the front stage.


Day 7: “Love Me Again”

The final track of the project features powerful production from fellow Sauga city native Bijan Amir, who you may know for his work on tracks from Sean Leon‘s LIFE WHEN YOU’RE THE MOVIE. The Prince influences are heavy: the first two lines interpolate the first two lines of “Purple Rain”:

“I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain”

  • Prince, “Purple Rain”

“Never meant to cause you trouble
Never meant to cause you pain”

  • PND, “Love Me Again”

And so it was only fitting to hear Party go on and give an impressive vocal performance in “Love Me Again”, reaching falsettos that we don’t always hear from him.

Listen to Seven Days in its entirety below, via Soundcloud and let us know if we were spot on or not.