Making fun of mental issues comes at a price..

Ever since the release of Two Birds One Stone record, Drake has received a good amount of backlash from fans for his clear sub shots he took at Kid Cudi and his mental health issues.  Even though Cudi already took to twitter and told Aubrey to say to his face, it seems like more people want Drake to take accountability for what he said and to put his money where his mouth is.

A new online Care2 petition has surfaced and it has called out Drake for his intention to “make fun of Kid Cudi’s depression.”  The petition, which was started by user going by the name of “Paige D,” and has already gotten over thousands of signatures.

“Mental health is not a joking manner [sic], says the petition,  According to Mental Health America, the most common disorder amongst suicide victims is depression.  Depression or bi-polar disorder affects about 30-70 percent of suicide victims.”


The goal of this petition is that it if it gets enough signatures, they feel it will convince Drake to donate proceeds of the Two Birds And One Stone record to unspecified mental health charities.  As of right now the petition has over 5,900 signatures with an end goal of 6K.

“Drake has of let to respond to this petition but we’re pretty sure he will most likely ignore it.  Not a good look on his part but it’s crazy to think that this weekend has grown to take a life of it’s own.”Busby

Via: HipHopDX