Here at the Rapfest, we can’t stress enough how Hip-Hop has impacted the music industry for the better. Since its start in the late 1970’s, Hip-Hop has created endless opportunities for anyone who has been affiliated with the genre, from the artists, to the music labels making bank, and the avid listeners and followers. Aside from its innovative beats, crafty lyrics, and expressive fashion trends, Hip-Hop has been giving birth to successful entrepreneurs since the genre’s inception in the South Bronx . The beauty of this is that the blueprint of Hip-Hop equips these entrepreneurs with the proper tools to be successful. Other than the timeless music and the unforgettable artistry, entrepreneurship has become a part of Hip-Hop’s DNA and legacy.

Continuing the Hip-Hop legacy, a constructive organization stemming from the city of Philadelphia is infusing Hip-Hop with entrepreneurial teachings. The Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship (IHHE) uses Hip-Hop to connect with young ambitious entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia region between the ages of 18 and 32.  The purpose of the institute is to change the way of providing hands-on business training to non-traditional entrepreneurs heavily delved in the longstanding movement. Making sure that the young entrepreneurs of the institute are prepared to spread their wings in the real business world, founders Tayyib Smith and Meegan Denenberg, use their experience in the entertainment and music business to guide students in the right direction.

IHHE opened its doors to their first class of entrepreneur students in November of last year. The 9-month program helps the students learn new business tactics that will bring them one step closer to their goal. The students learn how to construct business plans, marketing plans, identify business opportunities, and other necessary tools that will help them along their entrepreneurial journey. The institute invites successful entrepreneurs from the music industry to advise the students on the entrepreneurship world. Towards the end of the program, students will pitch their business plans to investors in hopes of making their business idea a reality.

IHHE in action! Session 4! Lets do this! #craftyourhustle

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The instructors of the institute stress the importance of “crafting your hustle” and networking through rigorous team building exercises. The ambiance of the monthly sessions is unlike any other classroom setting at a MBA program; hands-on experience and mentorship sit at the core of the program, enabling the creative process of the budding entrepreneurs.

With its first 9-month session soon coming to an end, it is evident that The Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship will be around for a while to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed with a proper foundation.

Kudos to the founders of IHHE and their efforts to help mold the next generation of leaders and business men and women in Hip-Hop.

Craft Your Hustle, Empower Your Dreams.

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