About Lovello Elizabeth

Philly based designer Alnika is the owner of Lovello Elizabeth. While living in her truth as an entrepreneur, her brand speaks for itself giving back to the hood and allowing people who are just like her to feel good in what they wear.

My clothing are European fit and comfortably for both women and men–now kids. Claire Sulmers (CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily) said that she enjoyed wearing our brand because she can easily slip on the items but still on trend.

In the next 5 years, Alnika envisions her brand to be exclusive but worldwide. In addition, she want to have a staple storefront in Philly so that people are able to travel to the city to shop and enjoy the culture.

HOF (Hall of Famer) Limited Collection

Alnika will be hosting her very first fashion show on January 19 in Philadelphia, PA. She says: “I am nervous of it all but I am excited/anxious at the same time for the show. I  want my name to be remembered”. If you are not familiar with this brand or have items in your closet, it is imperative for you attend this show as it will be a full experience and not a regular runway show. There will also be exclusive merchandise showcased.

The show is expected to be at capacity so purchase tickets here.

Follow the brand here on IG: @lovelloelizabeth



Post by Brian Lamont