Pierre Bourne has been having a very productive year as a producer. He linked with many high profile names in the game and also dropped a few solo songs himself. One of his most notable accomplishments this year is his song “Magnolia” with longtime collaborator Playboy going platinum. He also signed a deal with Interscope to form SossHouse.

After “Magnolia” went platinum he dropped a solo track “Mad” which was a very mellow record tacking shots at his haters and really embracing who he is as an artist. Following “Mad” Pi’erre Bourne drops this new track “Read All About It”.

A snippet for the song was released last month and the official audio was put out last week, today he delivers a solid video for his newest solo track. The song is officially known as “Blowin’ Minds Freestyle”. “Blowin’ Minds” is a track he produced on the A$ap Mob project “Cozy Tapes Vol:2 – Too Cozy”.

Pi’erre showcases the wave of producers/artists who can take the beats they make for other artists and make hits themselves. He also gives inspiration to other producers who don’t currently make music and successfully proves to them that it is possible to do both. If you feel disrespected or underappreciated by the artists you work with you can make moves on your own. This track is definitely something everyone should read about. It has been out for approximately 9 hours now and has 3,296 plays on YouTube alone

“Dudes be telling lies. truth is I don’t f*** with them. Had to cut em’ off couldn’t go broke with them.”

“Why them boys still on that lame sh*t, hommies on fake boy they hatin.”

“Read all about it I get dough. read all about it I was broke. Read all about it now you know.”

He can be seen draped in Gucci, flashing money turning up on a balcony with a dope sky line lacing the background. This track is easily top 3 Pi’erre songs, he really brings his best from the beat to the flow to the lyrics. He has shown that he can be successful making beats and he can also make full hit records by himself. He has had a very successful career early and it will be exciting to see what he has planned for the future now that he has signed a deal and created something of his own.