Buzzing Pittsburgh rapper, Hardo, released his new single , Smile feat Latia, last week. The track is the first song off of Hardo’s highly-anticipated EP ,The Fame or Feds Story, dropping in June. The track features Hardo’s lyrical flow over the Stevie-B produced beat, where he discusses the hardships of grinding and balancing a relationship.

Smile is about realizing that I don’t need to be out all night trying get to a dollar while having a girl at home feeling lonely because she thinks I’m out with other women. I want to let the woman I’m interested in know I’ll be there for her and that she is free to live her life and be happy. If she is still there when I get to where I want to be, shit will work out.” -Hardo

Previously, Hardo released critically acclaimed Today’s A Good Day feat, Wiz Khalifa, and Jimmy Wopo, which received over 8 million streams on Spotify and over 1 million views on YouTube. Hardo has been mentioned by notable publications such as  XXL, Vibe, Mass Appeal.

Listen to Hardo’s new single, Smile feat. Latia, below.