Platinum Producer Pi’erre Bourne Makes The Haters “Mad” With New Track

Fresh off his first platinum record with “Magnolia”, artist/producer Pi’erre Bourne looks to add another hit under his belt with his newest track “Mad”. Pi’erre is not new to being an artist/producer but this year he has made a name for himself in the music world by producing for artists like Kodie Shane , Lil Yachty , K$upreme & Playboy Carti. Aside from making an impact by producing Pi’erre has also made a huge impact as an artist. We have seen many artist/producers come up in the game throughout the years but we have never seen an artist able to go platinum both for their production work and their artistry, Pi’erre is working very hard to change that.

“Everybody’s mad at me, tell me why you mad for, mad for?”

In “Mad”, Pi’erre adds a smooth hook over a very calm guitar melody and delivers two heavy verses. When you hear a Pi’erre Bourne beat or track one thing you can be sure to hear is the signature bounce that his music has and “Mad” definitely follows suit. Pi’erre has been putting out music himself and producing for a while now. His platinum certification with “Magnolia” and this new track show that he is making progress in both aspects of music. Pi’erre is currently working on a full length project (The Life Of Pi’erre 4) but you can hear both his production and his own music through his soundcloud.