When the going gets tough, the tough gets punched

It has been reported that Playboi Carti has been found guilty of assault and damages suffered while on tour during an incident that transpired back in February 2018.  

Jordan Carter aka Playboi Carti was accused of punching a tour bus driver while in Scotland. Apparently, an issue derived from the tour bus driver’s inability to fix a heating problem.  

The real question is why, why would Playboi Carti punch a tour bus driver?


A replacement tour bus was sent out but Carti was still discontent with what was being provided.  

“I saw things being thrown around the tour bus and then a man ran across and punched the driver on the face, cutting him and knocking his glasses off”, said Alistair MacLeish, one of the relief coach drivers who witnessed the assault.  

MacLeish even went as far in saying, “the driver did not do anything to him and did not retaliate.”  (as reported by bbc)

Carti’s tour managers claimed self-defense in response to the allegations, but that didn’t work for this case in particular, as Carti was ordered to pay $1,030 for the damages suffered from the incident.  

Written By Derrius Edwards