Plies and Kodak Black released new music.

According to RapUp, Florida rappers Plies and Kodak Black banded together to create “Real Hitta”, officially released Friday, May 5th. The question that is ultimately posed in this single is whether or not a woman knows what it means to be “cuffed with the boss and not the runner” or “a certified sniper”. Both presenting a sexual reflective tone in “Real Hitta”, it is right in time for the summer.  The song came about in the process of organizing Black’s album, Painting Pictures.

“I got mo’ stripes than the Navy”- Kodak Black

Black was recently sentenced to a year imprisonment. In correlation with Complex‘s article, he was charged with violating house arrest. The nineteen year old rapper could also receive a lesser sentence; according to BET, he could be out in thirty days.

Plies, on the other hand, has not released music in quite some time.  Aint No Mixtape Bih 2 was Plies’ last mixtape release according to Hot New Hip Hop, released November 19, 2015. While however, he definitely keeps social media jumping.

Listen to the audio below:


Anora Blazin