While the investigation still continues on the senseless murder of a 15-year old Jordan Edwards who was shot by police while leaving an high school party, a warrant was issued out on Friday for the shooters arrest.

Now discharged from the Balch Springs Police Department, a 37-year old Roy Oliver, the shooter turned himself in on Friday after a warrant went out as he was totally reckless in the shooting death of a teen while addressing a call about an unruly house party in the area.

As there was nothing for the news to spin and manipulate this time around in the case of a Jordan Edwards, it was no choice for them to do some digging as to the character of a one, Oliver.  A man who is said to be a loving & caring father, what would lead him to shoot into a moving vehicle full of kids?

Hope Waters, left, her brother Jeremiah, center rear, and their mother Yulise, center right, light candles with Linda Abrasion Evans, right, during a candle light vigil for Jordan Edwards in Balch Springs, Texas, Thursday, May 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Following a small protest and vigil of 200 attendees on Thursday night in Balch Springs for a life loss that should not have been, it comes to question who Roy Oliver is.  And should he have even been elected to such a position of policing anyone as his family have come to the explanation of his action as a case of PTSD.

After serving two tours in Iraq as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, and with records of Oliver being suspended briefly on numerous occasions after being hired onto the Balch Springs police force in 2011, one in 2013 where the Dallas County DA filed a complaint against him for not attending a trial & using vulgar language in the presence of a female intern where he was ordered to take anger management; another time he was reprimanded on his leadership skills for being rude to a civilian on a call.

Nevermind his own father figure skills, what kind of father figure skills was he showing with the pulling of his gun on kids?

And with Oliver now out on bond, what will become of this case?  When you got rappers like Kodak Black being sentenced to jail for a year for violating probation due to not attending his anger management and whatnot, and he didn’t even kill anybody.  Time needs to be served for this guy too.  No more trials ending with these bad guys getting away with murdering our kids and calling it accidents or whatever it is.