I’m glad to see this all come together. Honestly, this is the next wave coming out of Atlanta. Pollari is no rookie, he’s been making noise for about 2 to 3 years. He’s signed with Rick Ruben one of the founders of Def Jam. Pollari and Larry League are all from Atlanta. This wave is major because it’s so many artist out of this pack. Right now Pollari and Larry League have the ability to make this circle really elevate to the top and run Atlanta.

With saying that, seeing Slimesito, Tony Shhnow and 95Reddo on a record with Pollari. It really should wake up the music industry. This record is called “Russia!” some would label it spooky trap. Slimesito music could be a soundtrack for a horror film any day. Slimesito and Southside Smoke have the southside of Atlanta going nuts. Tony Shhnow is like a wordplay specialist. His sound is trapping out of the kitchen and and making it stretch. 95Reddo is on the rise. And all of these guys are cosigning him and saying he’s next. May need to do some research on 95Reddo. 95Reddo gives you that real Atlanta trap sound.

This record “Russia!” feels like some old Gucci Mane. Back when he introduced Brick Squad. I’m talking Slim Duncan, and Waka Flocka era. This is music to get your head busted to. These guys could bring back that griddy down south crunk sound easily. Hopefully you don’t bust your gun after hearing this one.