Polo Boy Shawty is a well-known producer and artist from Chicago. He has worked with Famous Dex , Rich The Kid , Fetty Wap , Monty and many other influential artists in the music industry. Polo Boy is one of the many rising artist/producers we have seen in the game and a year since dropping his first solo track “Don’t Know” produced by himself, he releases his first official full length project On The Track.

The title is meant to signify his beat tag “Polo Boy Shawty on the track so I am killing it”. Polo Boy Shawty is also responsible for the “Plug” tag and production style. Polo Boy is a very dedicated and hardworking producer, and brings that same work ethic when it comes to making his own music. Earlier this year he announced that he was starting to go deaf in one of his ears but he has not let that hold him back from making hits. He still managed to put out a great project and is in the process of making a joint project with longtime collaborator Famous Dex titled Polo Boy Dexter.

Polo Boy Shawty has grown over the years as both an artist and producer. On The Track shows that Polo Boy Shawty is here to stay in the music game. The whole project is impressive but a track that really stands out is Michael Jack produced by Endoh.

“New whip , chick bad. Diamonds on me moon walk, Michael Jack. Pull up in the parking lot, black on black.”

Polo Boy delivers some auto tune laced vocals over a very smooth beat. Everything from the vocals to the beat and effects makes “Michael Jack” a really good song. The mixing and mastering of the song also adds a dream effect to the overall feeling and sound of the song. Polo Boy Shawty has given so many artists multiple hits, its only right he uses his own beats to make hits himself. Polo Boy Shawty has set an incredible foundation for himself, and it’s going to be exciting to watch how he grows even more as both a producer and artist. On The Track is available now on all streaming platforms.