Written By: Ayo Sash

Brooklyn, NY is known to be the home of many talented hip hop creatives. A lot are captivated by the art of creating substantial music from a young age. The upcoming collective Fleazi Bambino, Apey Baby and Stay Maccin form the PopOut Boyz. They started out as a family oriented group that has a interest for music and innovating the culture with their fun and catchy lyrics. Being raised in Bed-stuy, Brooklyn by  young single mothers these young men where captivated at an early age to use their talent to tell their story. In 2015, these three multi-talented artist decided to officially come together as one group. The first song they released called, “Poppin’ Out,” set the bar how they really pop out. This song has a lot of noise that had the streets talking. After getting radio play on stations like Don Diva and Power 105.1, they eventually received the “Donkey of the Day Award” from radio personnel, Charlamagne Tha God.
Popout Boyz are inspired by their upbringing and also the people around them that push them to make it. Their creative process is a combination of many different factors, such as life changing experiences, family and friendships. They strive to remain consistent and transparent throughout their music journey. They enjoy making records that people of all ages and different walks of life can relate too and feel energetic about. Their music is fun and promotes a lifestyle they created for themselves.
Their most recent single, “We Outside,” has received a lot of positive feedback and it simply shows how much the listeners are feeling their music and energy. The opening clips take place in the park which is the group’s headquarters, 44 park. They wanted to show their supporters and new listeners where it all began for them. The lyrics express their lifestyle and that is the main reason they enjoy making relatable but fun records for everyone to enjoy. In the video, you can see how and why the PopOutBoyz really pop out!
Watch “We Outside” Here: