Breakout pop/R&B artist Elijah Grae revealed exclusively with The Hype Magazine that he is set to release his highly anticipated self-titled  EP on June 15, 2018, and is available for pre-order now.  He additionally gave the online magazine a first listen to his brand new single“Touch And Geaux” which was just released this week. Check out the story here.

The moody six-track Elijah Grae EP is a collection of R&B-inflected breezy bedroom jams that takes life occurrences and coats them in a universal veneer, yielding songs that touch on broad themes.


  1. Rivals
  2. Castles
  3. Touch and Geaux
  4. Witchcraft
  5. Name In The Dark
  6. Can’t Remember

This is a different approach from Grae’s previous more hip-hop driven work. Recognized for being one-third of the hip-hop trio Drop City Yacht Club, who found massive success in 2013 with their crossover hit “Crickets”. Grae co-wrote and produced the track and in its first week, it was the # 1 most added song at rhythmic radio and currently has over 10 million Spotify plays. The group parted ways shortly after their success and since then Grae’s songwriting and producing credits took flight. He has penned and produced numerous songs for various artists including E-40’s “Red Cup” featuring T-Pain, Kid Ink and B.o.B.and Jake Miller’s “Tell Me You Love It”.

When speaking about his new solo record, he says: “I wanted to make records that helped me through the healing process, but I didn’t want to make them so overtly personal so that other people couldn’t feel like they weren’t written for them.”

Featured on Elijah Grae will be his first hit track “Rivals” and his brand new single “Touch and Geaux”.

 “ ‘Touch and Geaux’ is about my relationship with music which can often time resemble any relationship really,” explains Grae. “Sometimes there is a connection and things just flow, sometimes there is nothing there. You know the other person more than you know yourself, but that doesn’t mean that there is a connection or you are meant to be together. It’s ‘touch and go’ in the sense that at times its perfection and other times its madness. That’s the beautiful part.”

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