Courtesy of EmEZ

Upon completion at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, EmEz was able to secure an internship with Clear Channel Communication at the time. Since then it is known as (Iheart Media Inc.) at KTU.

After he was able to complete his internship he received a promotion within the promotional department working for Clear Channel Communication Street Team for radio stations which included Z100 NY. During his time as an intern, he was able to land his first radio show at  My Elite Radio.  His success at My Elite Radio opened the door for an opportunity as an On-Air personality at 107.9 based in Philadephia.

After leaving 107.9, under the guidance from New York personalities such as DJ Envy, Malikha Mallet, and Ed Lover helped him land his own gig on the weekend at Power 105.1 in New York. Now he has his own program on the platform “The Sitdown with EmEz,“ the host of “EzWeekends,“ is a producer for an IHeart Show.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with EmEz about what inspired him to pursue a career in radio. In addition, how he studied his craft early on in his career.

What intrigued you about going into radio in the first place?

I was inspired by those who did radio at the time when I was growing up such as Ed lover and sports news, and I knew I wanted to do something similar to that. Back then there was no podcast or YouTube just radio, and that’s the platform I knew I wanted to be a part of.

You began interviewing your classmates in High School and College how was it interviewing them then and how has your style improved?

I wouldn’t call it interviewing them back then I was just asking questions being silly creating conversations with people, and it created an audience. How has it changed the only difference is now it is my actual job, and I get paid to do it, so more things are taken into consideration.

How did the Concept of your show “ The Sitdown” come together?

It is self-explanatory I have a special guest come in, and I interview them, but I try not to make I seem like an interrogation or “interviewish” if that makes any sense. I simply just want the guest to feel like we are having a dope conversation while the interview is going on.

What were some of the jobs you had to endure before your interning at WKTU FM?

I attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting, which is where I had the “ itch” to start working in radio. I initially wanted to become a director, and I knew that getting onto television was going to be my route through working in radio.  I also was doing electrical work for about two years and did Internet radio, which was exactly what I was supposed to do before I got the call from KTU.

You worked your way up the ladder the correct way. What advice would you the readers who followed the same footsteps but hasn’t had their big break yet?

DON’T STOP!!!!    And I say this in the most humbled was “ F*CK EVERYONE” who doesn’t believe in you.  That includes family, friends and loved ones because sometimes they do not know your path and that’s just the bottom line.  Follow your dreams and don’t stop.  And I am speaking from experience.

What were some of the life lessons you learned from your mentor Malikha Mallet?

She taught me to past the blessings forward because no knowledge you learn shall ever die with you. Always past the knowledge and blessings down to others.

You have worked with The Breakfast Club, Ed Lover, Dj Envy and Dj Self, how has working with them help you to be where you are now?

I love my story and my path because I have worked with some of the greatest of the greats. Now I am working with the great Angie Martinez; it feels like I am destined to fall in line with some of the greatest in radio. God didn’t put me around some of the greatest to not learn anything and become one of the greatest “ I’M ABOUT TO MAKE IT BRO.”

What is your mission with “The Sitdown” how do you want to use your show to inspire others?

I think “The Sitdown” was created for the artist who at the time wasn’t big enough to get on “ The Breakfast Club” or “The Angie Martinez Show” but could still come to the station and have their voices heard on my show. Now it is getting to a place where even those big names from “The Breakfast Club” will still want to come to mine as well and kick it with while we talk our shit.  I had Reverend Al Sharpton and TI on my show as well as the up and coming artist.

Who have been the most inspirational interviews thus far? And Why?

So many “Wow” I would have to definitely say my dude Raja was someone I admired, he had an amazing story to tell which touched on mental health and his conversations were inspirational. Also, sitting down and talking about fatherhood with rapper T.I. was also very inspirational and Chef Ponder as weird as it sounds because at the time I was into cooking heavily. There are so many others that have left a major impression on me but those are the first three that come to mind right now.

Are there any other business ventures you would like to get into besides entertainment?

Besides cooking, Fun Fact I look up to Will Smith and Nick Cannon and I would love to get into some acting, executive producing and definitely into some more hosting jobs as well.  I want to be the Ambassador for Black community of hip-hop, culture, and TV.

What are some of the events you will be apart of that you would love to share with the readers?

There two are three things that I have in the works that you must stay tuned for just know it is along the lines of what I do already and will be someone for the people. I see myself as a “Gatekeeper” in this industry and I will decide who gets through.