Some people are just born with music in their DNA; a spiritual tie to sound that transcends genres. Twenty-eight year-old OfficialJL, (Born, Jeremi Lam,) is one of those rare talents, whose music constantly pushes boundaries and blazes a trail for modern R&B, Hip Hop and Pop music.

Born and raised in Hollis Queens, home to many greats, including Run DMC, OfficialJL has always had a profound connection to music; it was his escape to a world where anything is possible. In his youth, he found himself fascinated with the way his uncle would effortlessly freestyle and knew then, that he wanted to pursue music. OfficialJL decided, at the young age of twelve, that he would become a composer, the first time he ever visited a music studio. The sound, the energy… his future was sealed the second he stepped foot in that room.

OfficialJL has drawn inspiration from many influential artists throughout the years, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aaliyah, Linkin Park and Eminem. His eclectic musical taste lends heavily to his distinct, diverse “OfficialJL sound.” Since he immerses himself in all aspects of the songwriting and producing process, OfficialJL is able to channel raw emotion through the music he creates and then refine it, utilizing his finely tuned production skills. This yields a unique and powerful finished product that has become a fast favorite amongst several famous music artists.

In 2013, OfficialJL released his first mixtape titled. “Already the Mixtape” under the alias, “Nemesis.” This was a rap project. Although he was pleased with the tape, he knew he wanted to diversify his music. He began singing and revamping his image as an artist, changing his name to OfficialJL. As far as plans for the future, OfficialJL is focused on growing as an artist and creating music that can inspire people the way he was growing up. He wants to be able to change lives through music he loves to create, and provide a listening experience that will evoke emotion and creativity in his listeners. OfficialJL has been working nonstop on the three projects he currently has in production, including “Already the Mixtape 2 (Growth),” and “Already the Album,” which are scheduled to release in 2019.

Check Out a Brief interview Below

Q: Why was “Shady” the song you chose to put out as your single? Was this a record gearing towards a female audience?

A: I chose “Shady as my first single because, I want to give my audience a small piece of my outlook on how most times “the good guy” doesn’t win. Material things are commonly superior in this day and age, so I want to touch on a subject that isn’t brought up enough (I feel). I’m using this record as a warm up, or as a “heads up” that I am here! The record is geared towards both male and female audiences, I feel both sides can relate and take from the message.

Q: Your song “Shady” has a chill vibe to it but the your visuals to the song speaks volumes. Who created the concept for the music video?

A: I’m really a “chill” dude in real life, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the record is chill, but I initially came up with the concept of me stunting in my boys Benz and a female falling for it, then ultimately finishing out it wasn’t mine. Then my boy @K.O.N.Y.Gandy put it into screenplay format for the clean finish.

Q: In the beginning of the video you stole the girl your “mans” was attempting to talk to. Have you ever done something like before in real life?

A: Lol I didn’t necessarily STEAL his girl, but I wanted to prove a point (Ego) that I can get her if she saw me hop in the Benz, and I did! Honestly YES I have stunted in my brothers car before and got a chick, then lied and said I crashed it lol, used to work like a charm when I was younger.

Q: What can we expect from you next, any upcoming projects?

A: The people can expect a plethora of videos and content coming from my end! I have an endless catalog ranging in genres from Hardcore rap to POP, so you’ll actually never know what to expect, but you all should stay tuned! I have a few projects ready to go, but I’m currently working on getting my buzz back, then hitting them in the head with 2 projects I have locked and loaded!