17 year old Bobby NICE! of Port Richmond Staten Island came into the rap industry with quite the major influence and co sign by Cinematic Music Groups Squidnice. Though even with this he never felt he had the talent to rap. Deciding early on to give himself time to really craft his sound. It wasn’t until he released the single “They Know” which reached over 100k streams that he realized his purpose, making music.

Today young rapper shares the song and video for his new single “Spotlight” Check out the video and a brief interview with Bobby NICE! below.
What was the collaborative process with making your song Spotlight?

  • Being heart broken, and stating my feeling behind the heartbreak. I also wrote this song in this genre to show my versatility as a recording artist.

How did XXX influence you?

  • He was the main source of talent I had to look up to was XXX once I started my career because he really gets in tune with him self and expresses how he feels in a way his listeners can feel apart of his music.

What is you affiliations with Fatboy?

  • My manager Stephen Marcellino hosted an event a couple months ago that I performed at. He invited Logan Forbes a manager of Fatboy, off the rip we all vibed with each other ther since that night we stayed in touch, and worked together. I have a track coming out with Fatboy, and Larssen! Shout out Fatboy Gang

Upcoming projects

  • I have an album being constructed currently. That will include 3 music videos that my videographer Jr media and I work very hard on. I just recently became the brand ambassador of VANT clothing, and I will be under going collaboration with Multi-platinum producer Chef Pasquale the producer of Drakes KMT, and many other big hits in the industry! Shout out to all my fans I love u all your my motivation to keep going in this industry! There will be merchandise on the way for you guys as well! Stay up.