“Now I don’t speak on situations that I ain’t never been through

far from judgemental

just certain shit I don’t get into…”


If you head towards the south side of Philadelphia, you’’ll find 24-year-old Azjee creating her own path for her musical journey. Falling in love with her craft at an early age, Azjee always knew she wanted to share her creativity with the world.

Earlier this year the rising emcee debuted her EP, No Apologies. The 6-track project served as her introduction to the hip-hop game.

Today, Azjee premieres her first visual off of her EP, Mind Ya Business.

“MYB means exactly what it says. Mind Ya Business. Be so focused on yourself that you don’t have time to worry about the next person. When you’re in your own lane, there’s no traffic.” -Azjee

Directed by MillerTime pictures and produced by The Kelektiv, the video depicts Azjee’s carefree attitude as she takes a stroll around town telling her naysayers to “Mind Ya Business.”

Watch the premiere of Azjee’s new visual for Mind Ya Business