Originally born in San José, Costa Rica. At the age of 10, Don Tico’s family moved to the state of Georgia. As a result, he authentically began to bridge the gap between the Atlanta Trap scene and the flourishing Latin Trap scene, blending fast flows, smooth melodies with versatile lyrics. touching on topics such as social issues, mental health and every aspect that comes with the fast life 

Lucky for us team member Qualhata was able to briefly interview the rising act regarding his latest single “Zoomin” Check it out Below

Q: When did you realize you wanted “Zoomin’” to be your lead single? In addition how did that song come about and who produced the record?

A: I realized I wanted to choose “Zoomin’” for the lead single during the recording of the song at the studio. Around 10 of my closest homies came through to support and it was a mix of males and females at the session so when they all got lit too it and I felt the vibe in the room we all knew this was the leading single. DrellOnTheTrack produced the track and also showed love when I copped the Exclusive Rights to the instrumental so definitely a big shout out to him.

Q: In your music video for your song “Zoomin’” you shot in Atlanta. How important was it to showcase the Atlanta lifestyle in 2018 in your video?

A: We actually shot the video in Las Vegas. It was originally supposed to be shot  in Puerto Rico but we had it booked for November right after the Hurricane hit. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enter the country because there was no electricity so we had to re-book everything for Las Vegas but I definitely feel like Vegas’ Atmosphere matches the song very well.

Q: I noticed in your Instagram bio and in the captions of your music videos on YouTube you write Costa Rica X Atlanta or “Born a Costa Rican baby but Atlanta made me”. Can you further elaborate on that statement?

A: I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica however I have lived the majority of my life throughout the state of Georgia. The most significant life experiences and monumental progressions of my life occurred when I moved to the city of Atlanta, so I have to give so much credit for how the last few years have molded who I’ve become and the direction of my life. However, it’s crucial for me to never lose my original life perspective along with the morals and beliefs embedded in me by my home country because not many people are blessed with such an outlook on life and I refuse to take it for granted.

Q: Being a Spanish descended rapper do you feel as though there’s a racial gap between black and Spanish artist in hip-hop?

A: Unfortunately we live in a country with social conditions placed upon us that provoke division among all races leaving us in a vulnerable and weakened state to resist the oppression that’s been in our face for many centuries. So yes there is definitely a gap between black and Latino communities of all kinds because we live in someone else’s selfish agenda but the beautiful thing about our two cultures is we are not only more alike genetically, but also culturally more alike than any other two ethnicities. Therefore I truly believe out of all of them it would be the easiest gap to close and Hip-Hop is something we’ve shared in common for many decades now which is why so many politicians of a certain side target us because we are a threat to their agenda.

Q: Upcoming projects for 2018?

A: My Debut solo Mixtape drops in June and then I have a two-part collaborative Mixtape with my homie MerCurey that is going to propel all we’ve built to the next level so stay tuned for release dates.