Off his highly anticipated project, Salute, Flatline Nizzy’s Favorite serves as a small taste of what to expect. Sampling Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s classic, Beautiful, Nizzy takes on the 2003 inspired instrumental with his seductive lyrics and M. Tomlin’s charming vocals.

Nizzy’s street savviness sound along with his lyrical stamina has helped him gain major recognition with his work. In 2013, the Pittsburgh native released his mixtape series, Underrated. By the time he released his third installment, Nizzy garnered over 400K views during his series. Earlier this year, Nizzy released Landlord Livin’, which garnered over 60K plays on SoundCloud.

As the upcoming year approaches, Nizzy is gearing up to bless his fans with Salute. But until then, enjoy the sounds of Flatline Nizzy’s new single, Favorite.



Listen to Flatline Nizzy’s Favorite below.