“…We want to not only touch the whole city, but the

whole world. The objective with

all these songs is to make them feel and sound as big as possible

and make you move.”

Today, Mike Lo, a rising rapper hailing from the gritty streets of Queens, New York, releases Money Grab. Money Grab serves as a strip club anthem which is inspired by Miami’s old school party scene. Produced by Primestars and engineered by the Grammy Award winning engineer, Mikaelin ‘Blue’ Bluespruce ,  Mike Lo’s aim for this record is to “flood the City”.

Mike Lo’s musical journey started at an early age. Since his start, he has been determined to fly high and reach higher heights in the Hip-Hop industry. But since his takeoff on his musical journey, Mike has experienced some turbulence on the way. Having lost his father to suicide , Mike channeled his pain and utilized it to fuel his ambition for music.

Mike also has an album in the works, You Made Me. The inspiration for this album stems from his father: “My inspiration for the “You Made Me” album is and forever will be my father’s impact on my life and his passing. He was one of the strongest people I know…”


Listen to Mike Lo’s new single, Money Grab below