PRETTYREEF may just be the next big thing out of Atlanta, Ga. He has found a way to connect the skating community with the urban culture. Feels like Playboi Carti meets Pharell Williams.  Two big name to put PRETTYREEF name beside.  I believe he’s a pro skater actually. Seen a few clips online of him and his PRETTY movement. They have been on their grind for a while. He’s now providing a musical soundtrack to his lifestyle. If you ask me it’s a genius idea. Clips on his IG shows PRETTYREEF performing on stage going wild. The energy seems pure and coming from a positive place.

PRETTYREEF video for his record “Wings” almost feels spiritual. It’s more of a cleanse to the soul. Not to many artist would hop on a beat like this. It’s a dope sample, and PRETTYREEF did it justice. Watch PRETTYREEF walk the streets at night in Atlanta.  It’s a peformance shot video with a few viral clips added in. The best part of the video is when PRETTYREEF is hitting his dance in front of a store. The lights in the background makes it feel as your in a heaven daze. Check out the video for yourself below. The video premiered on youtube channel.