Atlanta is the new Black Hollywood of the South. It’s the Mecca of music right now. Only issue is, there isn’t to many big labels based out in Atlanta. But with so much talent coming out of Atlanta daily. It doesn’t even matter. Atlanta has developed its own network. The city is spread wide and all sides are producing talent. Right now the Southside of Atlanta may be winning. It’s so many artist coming out of South Atlanta. Waka Flocka and his entire BSM movement played a big part of bringing that attention back to the Southside. I guess you can say the Southside is split into a few different parts. You have College Park, East Point, Riverdale, to Stockbridge and Morrow. It’s a lot more I could probably mention. Overall the Southside delivers that street energy but in a more raw and uncut way. With saying that, word is Prince Ink is the next biggest thing. He’s poppin right now, and Waka Flocka has gave him the official cosign. He’s from the Southside of Atlanta and he letting that be known.

Prince Ink just dropped a new mixtape named “Nightmares In Prison” and it’s straight flames. It’s a 5 song mixtape hosted by Trap-A-Holics. He’s from exit 60 right by the airport. Prince Ink is making this look easy. The record “Cross Us” is pretty much the vibes of this entire tape. He’s drawing the line in he dirt with this one. Riding around in whips 20 deep, sounds war ready. Sheesh, the record “Street Shit” is a club anthem that may just start a riot. Letting these rappers know this is really his life in this music. Popping other people pills that’s not even subscribed to me. That’s one deep bar from Prince Ink. “Round My County” opens up with him talking to his uncle over the phone. This feels like a face card check. Prince Ink raps about being in the streets and labels are calling looking for him. Sounds like Prince Ink has Clayton County on lock. He’s waking up counting. “Back Ends” he raps about how people think he’s down with the Illuminati. Prince Ink does make it look easy. And the Zaytoven produced record is a stand out record. The record is called “Laps” and it sounds like some throwback Gucci Mane. Listen, do not sleep on this project. It’s going to be the one to set the foundation for Prince Ink.