The Prince Of L.A. continues to prove every reason as to why he sits upon his throne and was given his name. Breaking out of the star rising streets of Los Angeles, California is The Prince Of L.A. who has been entertaining since the tender age of five. Thanks to his parents starting him young, The Prince evolved into a charismatic actor who is a well rounded entertainer with a captivating presence! 


Aside from capturing the world’s heart through national commercials and movies as a kid, The Prince Of L.A., started seeing viral success when he began embarking on his musical journey. His artistry is expansive, as he also writes his own raps as well as dances. His individualistic sound with infused East Coast West Coast influences and upbeat hip-hop music will raise the energy level at any party. 


Last summer, The Prince Of L.A. heated up the summer as he linked up with Cash Money Records’ artist  Blueface and Almighty Suspect for his breakout single “Come Find Me.” The hit single reached half a million (and counting) streams the first month it was released. While Prince held down the more melodic portion of the track, Blueface and Almighty Suspect hopped on the hard hitting beat with their high energy flows and contagious punchlines.  


Months later, The Prince Of L.A. continues to make a name for himself as he makes his return with a new banger titled, “In These Streets”. The single is off his latest EP, “4 The City 2,” and already has over 50K streams and counting. Check out the visual below. 


The Prince Of L.A. has made a number of cameos throughout hip hop like on Kendrick Lamar’s Viceland Documentary titled, “Bompton” along with his appearance in Blueface’s “Stop Cappin” music video which did great numbers – 7 million views the first week! The Prince Of L.A. was a born star. His music appeals to the masses and has something for everyone to enjoy! Stay tuned as he has more music on the way.