Today, June 7th, in 1958- God gave us Prince.
Born in Minnesota, the multiform musician went on to win eight Grammy’s and two Oscars. Not even yet mentioning, his lasting impact on people all over the world. There is plenty justification for loving the Legend. However, today, in honor of Prince’s birthday, and life, we will only celebrate few proofs of his power.
  1. He was never afraid to push boundaries- in music and fashion. As stated in All Music, Prince would often blend genres of music. From funk and rock to folk and pop- “His Royal Badness” boasts of his own sound. He always has too. Though, since he got his start- people would pit him against Michael Jackson, often comparing the two incomparable creatives. Furthermore, Pop Matters discusses the “rivalry” in greater detail saying the two were like “Magic and Bird”. Additionally, though, the ’80s were considered “the golden era” of the NBA and the duel between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird was said to have “elevated the entire league” according to NPR.


In like manner, the legacies of both Prince and Michael Jackson still inspires fans and celebrities alike.

“They can connect with him: the childhood he had, having a mother who didn’t protect him and being abused by his father. Many of his fans, including myself, suffered abuse. I needed someone and I couldn’t use my own parents as my role model, so I turned to Michael. For me it didn’t matter if he released any records or went on tour. He was the inspiration for wanting to continue to live, no matter what happens to you.” – Jainette Manbrink, Bill Board

“Prince!❤️…Today, everything that I’m thinking is about Prince. He actually does represent what we’re talking about here tonight, and that is the freedom to be whatever you feel like you wanna be.” – Pauley Perrette, BuzzFeed 2016

“I was the only person in my high school who looked like me. And there was one person in the culture, who when I looked at him I recognized myself. And that person was Prince. He meant everything to me, because he made me feel like, despite what I was being told, and what I saw all around me — I was beautiful.” – Wilson Cruz, BuzzFeed 2016

2. He transcends time with his fashion sense. Prince is known for reinventing himself and challenging gender stereotypes as recollected in Rolling Stone.

Album Release of 'Purple Rain'
3. Prince boldly and consistently advocated for Artists’ rights.

4. He left it ALL on the stage. Every. Single. Time.


Happy Birthday Prince, and thank you, forever.

Anora Blazin