Most of you always know I love to link up and get to know artists that many should be familiar with. Hailing from San Jose, California, Prince Sole is mainly about being himself, being unique. In other words not your average artist! Honestly I got to meet him last year and he is the such a humble person and I love how each time he releases something new you already know its going to be amazing! Read more…

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For those who don’t know who you are, who is Prince Sole?

Prince Sole is an artist from San Jose,CA. Started my music career in LA where I attended Musicians Institute and studied music business and audio engineering. From there I went on to mix and master records  for artists like Ty Dolla Sign, Ray J, Iamsu and many more. I released my first single with Ray J and continued to build my name with singles that touched radio and other tv placements. I grew up listening to an assortment of R&B/rap along with tejano/mexican music. My music and is heavily influenced by  90’s r&b and the music I love most.  

Does your name have a meaning to it or is it your birth name?

My name was based on my parents love for Prince (the artist). They listened and loved him so much that I grew to love the artist he was and the legend that continues to live. I adopted the name because I myself produce/engineer/and write my own music which Prince did as well. “Sole” came from the simple love I have for shoes and the fact I wanted to leave an imprint everywhere I went (as a shoe does) I know corny in a sense LOL. 

What was your first name when you started in music?

LMAO YOUNG T THE PRINCE! Don’t ask! shoutout the hyphy movement YEE!

How would you describe your sound?

I want to say the basic typical answer and say “me” but its a blend of all the things I love. Recently it’s been a “vibe” just because I stopped writing down my music and freestyle all my melodies along with word play based on how the music makes me feel.

When did you discover your love for music? 
I think I realized my love for music when I was about 19 but really it had been my whole life. My abuelo on my mom’s side was a musician but I never got to meet him because he passed when my mom was 16. On my dad’s side my abuelo taught me my first guitar strings when I was 16, I always loved music but just didn’t realize it until I started making music. 

What’s the best piece of advice you ever been given?

The best piece of advise that I was ever given was by Cyrano of the Cataracs . I used to be at the loft all the time with them right around the time fly like a g6 blew up, he told me “we don’t chose what the people like, they do” he always advised me to just release the music and the people will decide what the “single” is. 

Whats the meanest critic you have received in your career?
LOL, probably from my mom when she tells me to stop cussing on records, or about my content. I really don’t pay mind to anyone else. 

Who’s the most played artist on your phone right now?

Jorja Smith, shes wifey. 

How long you been doing music?

I’ve been doing music for just about 9 years now. Crazy

Tell me about your new album? Like what inspired the creation of this amazing new heat?

The new album has been a 3 year process of finding myself. I’ve released mixtapes in between but this album is a defining moment for myself because it is me just being me. No more trying to find my “next big hit” or “the one” it was just pure vibe. I want to speak on it more but I want the listeners to make their own assessment. 

What should we be expecting from you basied off the album?
work…. and a lot more work. I just find myself in a better space and would like to continue to create.

Favorite song off the album?

That’s a hard question, they all have a special place with me. “Patient” means a lot to me but the song that will sit with me forever will probably be “Wish You The Best II”. 

Who’s the most played artists on your phone?
Drake or Roman Ayala. Ahaha I know two opposites, I’m just in different moods daily 
Where can we find you on social media?

@PrinceSole everywhere!

Who’s going to be the next person you are going to collab with?

That I don’t know, but I like working with people in the studio. I’m not a very big fan of sending content back and forth, so whoever it is I will be sure that the vibe is right.

Who’s your dream collab?

Lauryn Hill and Kanye 

Is there anything else you want to let everyone know?

Hope All Is Well drops March 16th! And I LOVE YOU ALL! Remember #PrayEverydayWorkEveryday