NFL Games Are Being Played And Colin Kaepernick Still Doesn’t Have A Job.

The preseason has started. Now is the time when teams are deciding who they are going to keep on their rosters based on what they see on the field. We are extremely close to the start of the NFL season. Still, Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. Many people have their opinions on why this is. However, the people that believe that he is being blackballed are fighting for him.

The United We Stand Rally took place outside of the NFL Headquarters yesterday where many civil rights activists came together to hold the league accountable for the lack of an expressed advocacy policy which many think has effected Colin Kaepernick and to support Colin Kaepernick. The NFL claims that he is not getting blackballed but, there are many steps that can be taken before a player could end up on an NFL roster and he has not gone through any of them. One of them could be getting an invite to a training camp which would end up with a player getting on the preseason roster if they move on. He didn’t even get that. Mind you, he has taken a team to the Super Bowl in the last 5 years. Many quarterbacks have gotten hired this year but, many of them do not have numbers like this.

The teams cannot be forced to sign any player they don’t want to. However, nobody has hired him yet despite being proven to be at the very least a backup quarterback and he would be the best one in the NFL without question. To understand more than likely the biggest reason why he’s not on a team this close to the season despite his numbers, listen to what NFL analyst and former player Boomer Esiason had to say.

This is not just the mentality of the teams but, a lot of their fans. In the biggest sport in America, you’re going to have fans from all different backgrounds with all different kinds of beliefs. However, many of the fans in which they generate revenue from as a league are white. Therefore, many of the fans are going to not be in support of the message that Kaepernick was kneeling for due to ignorance or political views or both. As a result, he’s become a controversial figure in this country. Many people believe that he would bring controversy to a team therefore becoming a ‘distraction’ as Lesean McCoy says. The NFL has enough of that as it is. However, this time, the real distraction is the killing of innocent black people.

At the end of the day, he doesn’t want police killing unarmed black people. He decided to state that by kneeling for the national anthem. By the way, he agreed to stop kneeling this year. That was enough to get him blackballed despite what the NFL commissioner said.

What does that say about the NFL? Or should I say, what does that say about America?

San Francisco 49ers Eric Reid (35) and Colin Kaepernick (7) take a knee during the National Anthem prior to their season opener against the Los Angeles Rams during an NFL football game Monday, Sept. 12, 2016, in Santa Clara, CA. The Niners won 28-0. (Daniel Gluskoter/AP Images for Panini) ORG XMIT: DGCA101

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